6 December, 2022

Clarette Dior Font

Clarette Dior Font

Clarette Dior Font is a beautiful light handwritten font with a unique feel and a stunning impact. It will add a luxury spark to any design project that you wish to create!

Clarette Dior! A lovingly created, beautiful handwritten font for luxury / branding / wedding invites / greeting cards / promotional graphics. This font is handcrafted with custom brushes, made with perfection and finest aesthetics.

We have performed advanced, in-depth kerning to make sure the font looks amazing on all possible letter combinations.

Clarette Dior includes full set of lowercase letters featuring opening swashes (we will add closing swashes in the next update). We have included 2 font files (one is regular font, another is for swashes) so that you can easily switch the fonts when you need to write swashes (that is, within your text editor, just select the ‘swashes’ font for typing any specific small letter having a swash). We have also added common ligatures


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