8 December, 2022

Horizon Font Free Download

Horizon Font Free Download

Horizon Font is a bold and strong sans serif font with a powerful feel. Get inspired by its unique charm. Horizon is considered to be an extremely versatile font since it can be used on various platforms and mediums. It is used in websites, products packaging, pamphlets, or overlay any background image. Other mediums are still being explored for using Horizon font. The small script, as well as the large size, looks neat.

Horizon Font View


Horizon Font Free Download

Horizon is this kind of font that is perfect for all kinds of working purposes. Design and official programs are appropriate to use this typeface. At any time you decide to make an elegant design and will need to add text, subsequently, Horizon font will be your ideal option which works. The font also receives the outlook to place on top of books. This font is also ideal for official files or printing purposes.


  • basic Latin
  • numbers & symbols
  • latin-1 supplement
  • latin extended-a



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